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Run Quote
Quotes & Shipments
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Run Quote

The “Run Quote” screen allows you to run a quote, review the carrier rates for your shipment, and select a carrier.

This page is separated into two main sections.

The large area contains all the information about the shipment you are requesting a quote for. Completing each required section will enable you to fill out the next section.

The column on the right side of the screen contains the quotes received from the different carriers you have available.  These will update automatically as your shipment information changes.

Ship Date and Ready Time

The ship date and ready time are the date and time your shipment will be ready for pickup. The default ship date is the current date. To change it, click the date input field or the calendar icon on the side and select your desired ship date from the calendar that appears. The default ready time is the current time. To change it, click the time input field or the clock icon on the side and adjust the time picker to your desired ready time.

Origin and Destination

Clicking My Shippers / My Consignees will expand a searchable drop down list with your saved locations. You can search by either entering an Address, City, State, Zip or Country, or simply by scrolling down. Clicking a location from the list will select it as your desired Origin / Destination for this shipment. You can change your selection at any time.

An alternative way to select Origin and Destination is to enter a Zip code in the fields provided above the location tiles. The system recognizes Zip codes in the US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and Mexico. For international shipments please call us at (814) 347 – 1300. If the zip code exists in multiple countries, the US location will be auto selected. To edit the selection, click the Edit button which will appear at the bottom of the location tile. When the tile flips, clicking the city input field with expand a drop down list of all matches found for your zip code. To apply your changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the tile.

  • Managing Saved Shippers / Consignees

To add a location to your list of shippers / consignees start by entering a zip code in the fields provided above the location tiles. Then click the Edit button at the bottom of the tile. The city, state, zip and country are the only required fields in this form, but you can also enter an address, close time and contact information for the location. When you are done, click the Save button.

To remove a location from your list, open the My Shippers / My Consignees list, find the location and click the “X” button on the right hand side of it.


At least one line item is required in order to receive a quote. The mandatory fields for a line item (marked with an asterisk) are Quantity, Weight, Length, Width, Height and Value. The weight is entered per line item. As soon as Weight, Length, Width and Height are filled in, the system will calculate the freight density and suggest a shipment class based on that density. You can change the suggested class, but the carrier might still reclassify your freight and you will be responsible for any additional charges. To remove a piece of freight, click the “X” button at the end of the line.

The default units for the system are Inches and Pounds, but can be changed to Centimeters and Kilograms from the drop downs at the right top corner of the freight table. The default shipment type is pallets, but can also be changed from the drop down at the left top corner of the freight table.

Carrier Rates

On the right hand side of the screen you will see your list of carriers. When you first enter the page the Carrier Tiles will be grayed out until enough information for a quote is entered. As soon as your origin, destination and first line of freight are filled in, carrier quotes will start to appear in the carrier tiles. They will update any time you change the details of your shipment.

The Carrier Rates are separated into two groups – standard rates and guaranteed rates. By default you are viewing the standard rates. To review the guaranteed rates offered for your shipment, select the “Guaranteed Rates” tab at the top of the Carriers list. If you don’t see a guaranteed rate from a carrier you are interested in, please call us at (814) 347 – 1300 and as we might be able to provide you with one.

To select a carrier for your shipment, click the desired carrier’s tile. It will flip over to a tile displaying the same information where the carrier name will be substitute with a “Ship It” button. Click that button to confirm that this is the carrier of your choice. This will redirect you to the shipment manager, where you can review your shipment.

Additional Information

  • Reference Numbers – you can add as many reference numbers as you need by filling in the Reference Numbers Form at the bottom left corner of the screen. Clicking the Reference Types input field will open a searchable drop down list of the most commonly used reference types. You can either select one of those or enter your own type. Then fill in the actual reference number in the “Reference #” in put field and click the “Add” button. You reference will appear in the space under the form. To remove a reference click the “X” button at the end of the reference tile.
  • Special Services / Accessorials – you can add as many special services as you need. Clicking the Accessorials input field will expand a searchable drop down list of all special services we offer. Search the list by typing in the input field or scrolling down and click the desired accessorial to select it. Your accessorials will appear in the space underneath. To remove an accessorial, click its icon.
  • Special Instructions – if there are any pick up or delivery instruction you would like to give us, please enter them in the Special Instructions text field at the bottom of the screen. Those will be printed on the BOL. Please, keep those concise and clear as the space available on the BOL is limited.

Quotes & Shipments Manager

The “Shipment Manager” screen allows you to view and search all of your previous quotes and shipments.

There are two views in this page – Quotes and Shipments. You can switch between views by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the page. Each view contains a searchable list of quotes / shipments. You can search it by entering a date, address, shipment status, or shipment id in the search bar at the top of the list.

The list can also be sorted by selecting an item in the header.

If there are any unread messages on a shipment, there will be a notification icon on the left side of the tile.

Clicking the cancel button on the right side of the tile will send a request to Wavepoint Logistics to cancel the shipment.

Each tile in the list displays general information about the shipment. Clicking a tile will shrink the Quotes / Shipments list and open a Shipment Details view.

Shipment Details

If you are viewing a Quote that is less than 24 hours old, at the bottom of the Shipment Details view you will find the carrier rates you received for that quote. As in the Run Quote screen, you can switch between Standard and Guaranteed rates. To select a carrier, click the carrier’s tile and then click the “Ship It” button to confirm your choice.

If your quote is more than 24 hours old, the carrier rates won’t be valid anymore, but you can easily rerun the quote by clicking the “Rerun Quote” button at the top left corner of the page which will redirect you to the “Run Quote” screen and populate it with the shipment’s details.

If you are viewing a Shipment, the Quotes at the bottom will be substituted with tracking updates for your shipment and the selected carrier and rate will appear above that. Clicking the BOL icon at the right corner of the Shipment Details you will generate a Bill of Lading for the shipment. The Label buttons generate shipping labels where you can chose between 4 labels printed on one page, or 2 labels printed on one page.

The only editable information in the shipment details is the special instructions.


If you have any questions, remarks or request about your shipment, please send us a message using our secure messaging system. The conversation between your users and Wavepoint Logistics appears on the Shipment Details screen, between the shipments list and the shipment information.

Account Details

The “Account Details” screen allows you to update your personal account information such as password, email, phone number, etc.

This screen has two main parts.

My Details

The center of the page contains your personal details.  All changes you make here with the exception of username and password are automatically saved.

If you try to change your username to one that is already in use, you will be notified that your username must be unique and it will remain unchanged.

To update your password, you have to enter your current password, your new password, a confirmation of your new password and click the Change Password button.

My Division & My Admins

The right hand side of the screen displays information about your division and company.

At the top you will see a complete list of the users that work in your division. These users have access to the quotes and shipments you run as well as you have access to any quotes or shipments run by the members of your division.

At the bottom you will find a list of the company and division admins that have access to your division’s activity.


There are two different types of admins available to you: The Company Admin and the Division Admin.


Division Admin

The Division Admin gains access to the Admin screen.

  • Admin Screen

There are two sections to the Admin screen: Groups and Users & Carriers.

Groups and Users allows the admin to create and disable users, as well as edit division information.  Changes made here are saved automatically.

Carriers allows an admin to see the carriers assigned to a division

To add a new division, please contact us at (814) – 347 – 1300.


Company Admin

The company admin has access to the entirety of the Division admin functionality, for all divisions registered under your company, as well as the Impersonation Bar.

  • Impersonation Bar

Allows a company admin to run a quote as any division enrolled under the company.  The users of that division will then have access to the quote.

Message Center

The “Message Center” contains all of your conversations with Wavepoint Logistics and allows you to read, reply and search them all in one place.

You can use the “Message Center” while being in any other screen in the system as it will expand on over the main pages. When you first open it, it will show a full list of your conversations with Wavepoint Logistics sorted in chronological order.

In the list, each conversation is represented by a tile where the Topic is in the top left corner, the Subject is along the bottom, and the date and time of the last message in the conversation are in the top right. The tiles of conversations with unread messages will be light blue, while the rest will have a dark blue background.

Once you select a conversation to view, the message center will expand out further, allowing you to see the individual messages sent and received.  You will also see a text field along the bottom which will allow you to respond to your messages.

If the message is associated with a shipment, there will be a “View Shipment” button along the bottom edge of the screen.  Clicking this button will open the shipment details of the shipment associated with the message.

If you receive a new message in a conversation you are not currently viewing, the “Message Center” tab will flash red to notify you of the new message.

Address Book

The “Address Book” screen allows you to review and update all of your saved locations.

There are two views in this page – Shippers and Consignees. You can switch between views by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the page. Each view contains a searchable list of locations. You can search it by entering an address, city, state, zip or country in the search bar at the top of the list.

The first tile in the list is “New Shipper/Consignee”. Selecting it will present you with a form where initially the only active field is the Zip text box at the top right corner. Entering a valid zip will enable the rest of the fields and auto populate the City, State, Zip and Country for the location. If you click in the city input field, it will open a drop down list of all the city names that match the zip code. You can change the selection or enter a name not contained in the list. This is the only required field in the form. The address and contact details are optional but recommended. When you are done, click the “Save” button.

Selecting an existing location from the list will collapse the list to the side and show the location details. They are in the same format as the new location form, but the location details are not editable once they are filled in. You can update the contact information at any time. To delete the location from your address book, click the “Delete” button. To change the location details for all current shipments going to/from that location click “Update Location”. To apply your changes only for future uses and keep the old location details for the shipments currently going to/from it, click the “Save As New” button.

To close the location details and expand the list to the full width of the screen, click the selected location tile again. It will have a white background, while the rest of the list items will have a dark blue background.